The Cabela Inner Circle: Where Your Curls Reign Supreme!

Welcome to the Cabela Inner Circle - where every texture is a crown of beauty and confidence!

How it works:

Whether you are curly, wavy, or coily we celebrate and reward you with Discounts and Crown Points to put towards your next purchase simply by engaging in activities like shopping, following us, celebrating a birthday and writing reviews.

Make sure you log in before making a purchase and watch your Crown Points add up! You can view and redeem your rewards at any point through your loyalty account. 

Ways to earn Cabela Crown Points:

Join the Inner Circle
Ready to become an insider? Create your Inner Circle account and unlock your Crown Points. Be sure to verify your email address to get started.



Social Curl Status
Social Curl Status 
Join us on social media, where curl talk is always trending!  Follow us for the latest trends, expert tips, and plenty of curl love. Your curls will thank you for staying in the loop!

Shop & Shine

Shop & Shine
Every purchase of Cabela products accumulates Crown Points which convert to Cabela Cash which you can redeem via your account. Not only do you save money, but you're making healthy hair choices to brighten your crown and make your hair shine!


Review Gems

Review Gems 
Your words hold power, and we want to hear them! Leave a review and help fellow curl friends discover their perfect products plus earn Crown Points that make your next Cabela haul even sweeter. You can leave reviews for every product purchased and earn extra points when you include photos.


Ways to earn Cabela Discounts:

Crown News

Crown News (10%)
Want the inside scoop on everything textured? Subscribe to our newsletter for your own special discount and be the first to be in the know on discounts and have exclusive perks delivered straight to your inbox.


Birthday Magic

Birthday Magic (20%)
Celebrate your special day with a sprinkle of Cabela magic. As a valued member, you'll receive an exclusive birthday discount because we believe in celebrating you – curls and all!


How to Join? 

Step 1: Go to our loyalty tab at the top of the homepage or click on the widget on the main screen and sign up to become a part of the Cabela Inner Circle Loyalty Programme.

Step 2: Engage in any of the ways to earn points immediately and watch your Crown Points grow.

Step 3: Rock your Cabela products and let your textured waves, curls, and coils shine while your confidence soars and you reap the rewards!

Trouble navigating our Inner Circle Loyalty Programme? Reach out via our live chat and we'll help you out!