TWO YEARS! Can you believe it?  We hardly can!  It’s been a whirlwind.  We still feel “very new”, perhaps more like a toddler than a newborn is the best way we can describe it. 


The concept of CABELA was developed in early 2020.  After navigating our natural hair since 2017, the selection of quality curl products in Aotearoa was lack lustre at best.  Navigating a new industry was hard.  Unbeknownst to us, you couldn’t just mix raw materials in a bottle and call it a success as we first thought, it’s far more complicated than that.  Consequently, Nic went back to study to obtain a formal qualification in the personal care product development so that we could create our own formulas (that we know work), specifically for textured hair, by people WITH textured hair. 

We’ve navigated the pandemic and struggled through worldwide logistical challenges of raw materials and kept the curly wheels turning through recessions and cost of living crisis’s, it’s safe to say we’ve never operated during “normal times.”  One thing we’ve developed in abundance is resilience.  When we started this dream, we would never have anticipated the relentless learnings, the need to develop grit, to be able to pivot and to continue to persist when it all feels too hard.  Developing and running a small business has so many intricate facets, that perhaps many who haven’t done it before may not be aware of.  Despite the challenges, the constant stream of positive messages and reviews from our customers literally makes our hearts sing and reaffirms that we’re on the right path. 

To that end, to you, our wonderful customers, who continue to choose CABELA because of our purposeful curl-centric formulas, who continue to sing the praises of our small kiwi business when you receive curly compliments, we thank and acknowledge YOU!  We know our products are not only comparable (but are arguably superior) to many top brands on the global stage and we endeavour that one day we will not be just surviving but thriving showcasing Aotearoa’s finest to the world.


We have a new gel in the pipeline (excited much)!  It’s currently in its final stages of development undergoing stability testing and about to be tested by additional curly connoisseurs of all textures.  Once our new baby has had the final tick of approval, we’ll keep you in the loop as to when you can get your hands on this beauty, you’re not going to want to miss it!  A little teaser for those who want to know more… we’re talking about gorgeous slip for easy distribution, greater curl definition, retention and longevity. 

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