Our Curl-Centric Products

See what our curl-centric range is all about. 

We’ve used considered sources with our 100% Vegan ingredients and New Zealand grown Botanical Actives all without adding anything unnecessary, making our bars, liquids and stylers friendly for ALL textured hair. 

Curl Hair Bars

We’ve formulated a sustainable product that lasts longer than your typical bottled hair care, so a little bar goes a long way! We’re raising the bar on hair bars!

More than just bars, think luxury curl care but in a condensed bar form, made specifically to give your curls what they need and scented with a beautiful light fragrance for an indulgent hair-washing experience.

Cleanse away product build-up and achieve clarified hair and scalp without the stripped after-feel. Grime to Sublime is still gentle enough for sensitive scalps and helps build a healthy hair foundation for a quality wash day.

Our multi-cultural No Mission to Condition curl bar provides that high slip we all love to ensure ease of detangling while conditioning to hydrate for an after-moisturising feel, to satisfy those thirsty curls. It's available in both a light and thirsty option depending on your hair needs. Strengthens and reduces frizz while assisting with damage and repair recovery for healthy hair. With added UV, heat, and environmental protectants your hair will feel rejuvenated with a shiny quality result.

Liquid Sensations

Prefer your hair wash product in a liquid form? Try our liquid sensation Cleanser and Conditioner range, with all the same great hero ingredients, lightly fragranced in our HDPE squeezable bottle with a flip top lid.

Powered by amino acids, 
Curlssential Cleanser is a mild formulation that gently cleanses while leaving your textured hair feeling hydrated and fresh without any dryness.

Our liquid sensation Conditioners come in two options, Curlfection Conditioner and Curlfection Conditioner - Thirsty Edition.

Both possess the ultimate conditioning power to hydrate textured hair and provide extreme slip for effortless detangling while nourishing and strengthening all topped off with the benefits of plant-based actives for optimum curl health.  

Curlfection Conditioner Thirsty Edition is suited to ultra-dry, coily and coarse textured hair. If you are unsure we always recommend you start with the standard conditioner.


We know a great wash day is never complete without stylers. Our crème and gel stylers are formulated with high-quality ingredients and lightly fragranced.

Our Crème Supreme boosts moisture and fights humidity and frizz, smoothing those flyaways. Enhances your natural curl definition and retention, leaving your hair feeling conditioned and moisturised. Seal those clumps and see them shine!

Lock in that moisture from our No Mission to Condition bar and Crème Supreme with our medium to strong hold Belle of the Gels 2.0. Lock in that hydration, reduce frizz and experience cohesive and longer-lasting defined curls.

Bond Restorer

Designed to use as both a pre-wash treatment and a deep treatment, our versatile Curl Restorer is a bond-repairing treatment that supports your textured hair by restoring inner hair strength, while forming a matrix of protection against further external damage including heat. Experience more shine and manageability while replenishing nutrients for overall hair scalp health.

Formulated and Made by curly Kiwis for curly Kiwis.