Our Sustainability Choices


Cabela formulates purposeful and innovative curl-centric products with the intention to inspire and bring confidence to the textured hair community while making informed choices that reduce our environmental impact.

Being small Kiwi Business owners, it was natural for us to lean into a more sustainable approach in our packaging, while still ensuring our products were functional.

Aware of the alarming rate of environmental issues that the next generations are facing we have done our best to offer more environmentally friendly packaging that is above what other hair care ranges in our segment offer, including sourcing our hero ingredients from right here in New Zealand!

As we grow, we will continue with our sustainable intentions, and for now, you can trust that when you are choosing Cabela that you are not only receiving a curl-centric product that performs but you are contributing to a more sustainable future by choosing a brand, where the product packaging through to the courier packaging is carefully considered to have less impact on the environment.

Our ongoing mission is to continue to work towards our sustainability initiatives to offset what we are outputting. Not only do we want to help bring our curl-friends confidence in embracing all your beautiful textures but confidence that what you are purchasing reduces your carbon footprint too.

Learn more about what we do to make a positive impact

Our Hair Bars

Our first initiative is to bring you a bar that will reduce consumption from your ordinary full plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. Our bars will bring longevity to your wash days with minimal recyclable FSC packaging. It’s not a history-making moment, but it helps…. not to mention we love a good bar!

Our Liquids and Stylers

The nature of our stylers means that we cannot supply these in the same bar form. We use a 100% recyclable HDPE bottle purpose-built for hair cosmetics, that you can recycle easily at home with your number 2 plastics and with a label that is made from milled quarry waste, with no water, and minimal energy used to manufacture. See our packaging page to learn more.

Our Curl Bar Bags

Our Curl Bar Bags are made from a natural resource called sisal. The bag itself is compostable and reusable making it a no brainer storage option! 

Our Courier Packaging

Our courier bags are compostable, which means when disposed of in landfill they will break down much faster than other materials. When put in a chemical fertiliser heap it will fully decompose in 90-120 days vs traditional plastic mailers which can take 5,400 months to decompose!!! Now that's something to think about!