Our Packaging


Our HDPE bottles are designed for hair cosmetics and are 100% recyclable with your everyday recycling at home. Rinse out and pop into your number 2 (green bin) recycling with the label intact. Because the label is made up of 81% calcium carbonate, when left on the bottle, it works as a useful additive to add strength when the bottle goes through the recycling process.

A squeezable bottle with a flush disc lid so you can store your bottle upside down and get every last drop of Cabela goodness!

Bottle Label

This is not your ordinary label. Rocktak is a RoHS (no chemicals or minerals known to be harmful to humans or the environment) and FDA-certified tree-free mineral paper from milled quarry waste. No water and minimal energy is used to make the label.

Bar Boxes

Our boxes are made using FSC Certified material to provide a guarantee that they come from responsibly managed sources. Naturally, our boxes can be flattened down and put with your everyday paper/cardboard recycling for ease.

Outer Packaging

Our courier bags are compostable, which means when disposed of in a landfill they will break down much faster than other materials. When put in a chemical fertiliser heap it will fully decompose in 90-120 days vs traditional plastic mailers which can take 5,400 months to decompose!!! Now that's something to think about!