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Curl Bar Bag

Curl Bar Bag

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Our Curl Bar Bags are the perfect storage solution for your Cabela Grime to Sublime Curl Cleansing Shampoo and No Mission to Condition Curl Conditioner Bars.

Made from a natural fibre sisal, these compostable reusable bags allow your bar the drying time it needs between washes to ensure you get the most use out of your curl bars, together with a drawstring for the convenience of hanging.

Size (approx):  10cm W x 13cm H


      Curl Bag Features & Benefits

      • Made from natural fibre - Sisal
      • Compostable and reusable
      • Handy drawstring with wooden bead for convenience of hanging
      • Dries your bars between washes for longevity
      • Collects the leftover ends of yours bars
      • Can be hand washed between bar refills
      • Easy to travel with (recommend travelling once dry)

      How to use

      After using your bar, simply pop your single bar into your bag, pull the drawstring closed and leave to dry.

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