Our Curl-Centric Ingredients

Our ingredients are 100% Vegan and Curl-friendly.

Our hero ingredients ensure you get all the goodness your textured hair needs and are sourced from right here in New Zealand.

Our Botanical Active Heroes:

New Zealand Native Red Seaweed (Algae Extract) has been known to create gloss and assist with moisturising the hair and scalp – just what our textured hair loves!

Mamaku Extract/New Zealand Black Fern produces a mucilage matrix that rapidly hydrates the hair by helping to retain water – talk about botanical nourishment for thirsty curls!

New Zealand grown Green Tea and Blackcurrant are renowned for their antioxidant benefits and have potent UVB protecting and anti-inflammatory compounds – perfect to assist with damage protection and scalp health.

Plant based proteins can be a curls best friend. It has been celebrated for its deep nourishing and conditioning properties, reinforcing strand strength as well as aiding in damage recovery.