Our Packaging

Aluminium Bottle

Did you know that our bottles are endlessly recyclable, and you can reduce your carbon footprint and save energy by making sure you recycle!

Bottle Label

This is not your ordinary label. Rocktak is a RoHS (no chemicals or minerals known to be harmful to humans or the environment) and FDA-certified tree-free mineral paper from milled quarry waste. No water and minimal energy is used to make the label. How to recycle? You can easily peel off the label from the bottle and recycle with your soft plastics or with your number 2 recycling, as calcium carbonate is a useful additive when recycling plastics.

Bar Boxes

Our boxes are made using FSC Certified material to provide a guarantee that it comes from responsibly managed sources. Naturally, our boxes can be flattened down and put with your everyday recycling for ease.

Outer Packaging

Our courier bags are compostable, which means when disposed of in a landfill they will break down much faster than other materials. When put in a chemical fertiliser heap it will fully decompose in 90-120 days vs traditional plastic mailers which can take 5,400 months to decompose!!! Now that's something to think about!